Our "Real World" Solutions

You live in the real world and you need real world solutions when addressing your financial concerns.

Tom Clay has been working with individuals and small businesses for over two decades. He began in the financial services industry in 1996 when the equity markets were in the midst of nearly a decade of exceptional growth that, at the time, many were touting as the new norm.

In the last twenty years the financial markets have experienced extreme volatility. Many investors lost 40% - 50% of their investment assets, not once but twice during that time. The period from 1999 -2009 has been referred to as the "lost decade" by some in the  investment community. At the same time many people have encountered harsh economic realities beyond the investment arena as the economy has also been exposed to extreme pressures. Job loss, rising debt, a tumultuous housing market, and significant increases in health care and long term care costs have adversely affected many Americans. 

New Perspective Financial is built upon five principles that have served Tom and his clients well through the years and have become the hallmarks of his practice.

Education - Most of our clients first met Tom at a financial education seminar or workshop. Tom has spent hundreds of hours and stood before thousands of people through the years, teaching adult education classes at area colleges and universities and leading seminars and workshops at libraries, community centers, hospitals and churches. That education process continues on an individual basis as Tom works with clients to help them better understand their investment and insurance options.

Planning - We put a lot of effort into understanding our clients' stories, analyzing their current situation and developing a strategy to assist them in pursuing their goals. This is an ongoing process that is dependent upon continued communication.

Diversification1 - Gone are the days of simply investing in several different mutual funds and considering oneself diversified. Tom looks at the different goals and timelines of his clients in order to recommend a portfolio comprised of different investment and savings vehicles, each with different characteristics and purposes. For many clients a truly diversified portfolio may include investments in alternative investment products representing non-correlated asset classes as well as traditional holdings.

Preservation - New Perspective Financial has always been a dedicated proponent of the principle that as people approach retirement, preservation of their asset base becomes increasingly important. The volatility of the financial markets over last two decades has only served to validate that assertion. Clients are and should be concerned with growth of assets, but for many it is or should be secondary to maintaining what has already been gathered. We understand that and we routinely recommend investment, saving and insurance products that are built to preserve assets and/or income.

Income Generation - At New Perspective Financial, we long ago discovered that having and maintaing a steady income stream, sufficient to maintain an accustomed lifestyle in retirement, is the primary concern for many clients. Income is critical! With that in mind, we work hard to determine retirement income needs and implement strategies that will generate both baseline and supplemental income. In other words, income considerations often drive and determine investment decisions.
We're looking forward to using our experience to help you pursue your financial goals.


1There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment.